Pink Amethyst Star Box
Pink Amethyst Star Box

Pink Amethyst Star Box

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This beauty fits nice & snug in her gift box. It will be very hard to part with her.

Emotional Healing & Self-love

Beautiful and rare Pink Amethyst is a pale amethyst with a high amount of iron that gives the quartz a pink hue. Pink Amethyst, is the soft-hued, feminine version of darker purple amethyst. But don’t mistake its softness for weakness; this stone is full of powerful effects.

A stone known to open and activate the heart chakra for deep emotional healing whilst promoting positive self-image. A stone of self-love, this crystal welcomes loving energy from the outside whilst cultivating a powerful connection to self inspiring self-esteem, self-love and kindness.

Origin: Brazil
Weight: 155g approx
Size: 11 x 2cm approx